With a Whisper

There was a time when kings went out to war and people were willing to lay down their lives for another. In such a time, there lived the greatest warrior of all time. Prophecies foretold of woman who possessed within her the strength of 4 mighty knights. She had pitch-black hair that flowed in tiny coils down her back. Her skin was that of rich soil and her eyes held sorrows and joys few had ever experienced. She walked with purpose and grace. She spoke with authority and kindness. She led with sword and compassion. The prophecy stated that she would defeat the most powerful king with only a whisper. It was her destiny, but destiny is a funny thing.

Time has seen many legends, some born as royalty, others as servants or shepherds. This woman, however, was born with the soul of a writer. Both poet and warrior dwelled deep within her, and the battle between sword and pen forever raged inside. She was born in the springtime in a field outside of town. Only two bore witness to that beautiful day. They were her mother, who died almost immediately after her birth, and Mila the midwife. As her mother breathed her last breath she whispered the child’s name into Mila’s ear.

Mila carried the child several towns and many days away from that field. They settled in a city called Lancer. Lancer was a dangerous place were lies spread like weeds and greed had taken its hold on most. It was no place for a young child, but she grew like a beautiful rose among the thorns. She learned how to think fast to avoid trouble and how to fight so she wouldn’t be conquered. She also learned kindness because it’s not enough to keep the bad things away, you must also keep the good things close.

She used her poetic words to encourage the faint-hearted and her sword to protect the weak. Many men sought her affections, but she would not settle. Instead, they swore to fight by her side and vowed they’d give their lives to protect her. Women from all walks of life sought refuge in her knowledge and bravery. They too would join her in battle. Thus her story began to take shape. She led the fiercest, bravest, and most honorable men and women this world would ever know.

As she grew in strength and number, the city of Lancer became threatened by the power she could wield. So they gathered an army of their own. The two groups met in the heart of the city. Lancer’s army came with weapons drawn and hate in their eyes, but the poet warrior stood unafraid and her mighty men and women kept their swords sheathed. She stepped forward and spoke from the poet within.

“I know how to wield a sword with the strength of 4 mighty men, yet I dream of a world where I will only have to fight with my pen. I see your fear and your shame, but rest assured that I have not come to fight and claim. I have come to plant and to build. Together we can sow the seeds of a kingdom that will never yield.”

But as the prophets had written, it was not her fate to be a writer, but a warrior. The Lancer army charged and the she had no choice but to fight. The battle raged for only a short time and at the end of it, the Lancer army was no more. The people of the city declared her Queen. She brought peace and prosperity to her people, but there was still one more battle left to win.

She ruled with honor, and that won her many friends and a few enemies. One such enemy was the kingdom of Nera and it was the most powerful kingdom of all. The people of Nera hated everything kind and just. So they vowed to destroy her kingdom at all costs. As it was written, the battle commenced at the field of Simway, the very same field in which she was born. I told you destiny was a funny thing.

The warrior Queen and her mighty army stood with honor in that field. Many of them upheld their vow to lay down their lives. For a moment the Queen questioned the justice of it all. Was if fair for her people to lose their lives and she live? Yet it was their destiny to lay down their lives and hers to become the greatest warrior of all time. She fought her way through many men that day until she found herself standing face to face with the king of Nera.

The fight went on for what felt like eternities and for some time it seemed that they were evenly matched. It seemed that way until the Queen found herself with the King’s blade to her throat. In such a position he thought it wise to gloat.

“So, you’re the warrior queen the prophets foretold about? The strength of 4 men they say? Well, I must have the strength of 5 men,” he chuckles. “The old prophets have always been shrouded in mystery, but there is one thing about your prophecy I can’t understand. Why is it that none mention your name?”

With fearlessness she responded, “It is written that only the one who defeats me can know my true name. You are not worthy to receive such an honor.”

King Nera, frustrated by her audacity struck her through with his sword. And with her last breath, she whispered her name in his ear.

The look in the King’s eyes that day will live on forever in the memories of all who were present. With shock and dismay he dropped his sword. For many years before, the King’s wife became pregnant. Afraid that her baby would grow up in a land filled with hatred for all that is kind and just, she fled the kingdom. But before she left, she wrote a letter to king telling him that if he should ever change his ways, she would come back to him and at the bottom she wrote the name she would give the child. The King had never heard that name again until the Queen whispered in his ear.

King Nera called off the battle and surrendered. In that day, the Queen defeated the most powerful king with a whisper. Time has seen many legends, some born as royalty, others as servants or shepherds. This woman, however, was born all three in one and she was truly the greatest warrior of all time.

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    A tragedy; I like it. No one cares to negotiate a peaceful end until it becomes convenient for them.

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