What’s Another Word for Testimony?

I don’t like the word testimony. It’s such a “churchy” word and it alienates people who don’t have a background in traditional churches. Also, for the subset of people who do, the word testimony can have many connotations. For some, hearing the word testimony brings to mind some painful experiences of sitting in church and listening to someone go on and on about how God woke them up that morning. For others, it’s a heart warming experience of how someone met Christ for the first time.

The dictionary definition of testimony is this

evidence or proof provided by the existence or appearance of something

That being said, I have a huge [insert another word for testimony here]!

I graduated high school in 2012 as Valedictorian and was accepted to University of Maryland, Baltimore County. I entered UMBC with the mindset of getting a Bachelor’s in Biology and entering Dental School in 2016. However, for many reasons, I did extremely poorly my first year. I did so poorly that most people in my shoes would have given up on Dental School and probably even switched majors, but I had more than a dream. Not only did I desperately desire to be a dentist, I truly believed it’s what God wanted for me as well.

I won’t pretend like being hopeful was easy for me. Many times I doubted that this was God’s plan and I prayed over and over for confirmation. While, I got much better grades after my first year my GPA was wounded and I was lacking in other areas needed for admission as well. Just to put things into perspective for you, here are some the most important factors for admission along with the stats for the average person admitted:

Science GPA: 3.3

Overall GPA: 3.4

Shadowing Hours: 100 hours

DAT Score: 20

Now compare those with my stats:

Science GPA: 2.88

Overall GPA: 3.05

Shadowing Hours: 27 hours

DAT Score: 21

As if the odds weren’t already stacked against me, I also decided to only apply to one school. It was a risky decision, but with prayer and wise counsel I decided that Maryland was the only school that made sense to attend. If it was God’s will, He’d get me in. If it wasn’t… well, back to the drawing board.

I know what some of you are thinking. Teauna, what were you doing with your life? I promise I didn’t spend my 4 years in school watching Netflix and hanging out with friends (but those were crucial parts of my college years). I acquired hundreds of hours of volunteer service at my church, held a part time job, took summer classes, and led a student organization. My GPA never dropped below a 3.0 in my last two years. I worked hard and I prayed hard, but my prayers and hard work could never amount to the miracle that God did in my life. He truly made a way out of no way and He blessed me exceedingly and abundantly above what I asked or imagined.


Mind. Blown.


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  1. This is a great [insert another word for testimony]!! God truly has your back when you most need him ^^ That’s an awesome blessing and encouraging to hear. Rooting for you love and praying He keeps blessing you!

  2. […] I get asked often if I’m excited about starting dental school. I want to be and I’m starting to get excited, but those closest to me know that I am waiting on God. By God’s miraculous and gracious power I got into my dream school against all odds. I mean literally against all odds. Like you can check the stats in one my previous posts here. […]

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