You lift your head up from the dust, panting in the ruins. Your dust colored eyes and sand colored skin blend right in, but you were always more than you thought you were. Victor, a name fit for kings and warriors of old. Your hair swings in locks of dirt and coiled strands.

The land before you waits.

Will you wail in the ruins? Will you run with all your strength and might? Will you fight the air till your fists run red with rage and regrets?

Certainly you have failed. But is failure so bad? What makes failure innately wrong? After all, weren’t we built to fail? Flesh bodies are made to live and thrive then die. Organs are made to fail eventually and our bodies to shut down. Bodies practice failure each night as eyes shut and consciousness fades. Yes, the human form was designed to fail. But the spirit, that’s a different matter.

Does not the spirit always rise? Does it ever die? I think not. So let not your spirits fail Victor. Let your spirit rise from the ruins and succeed in the rebuilding. After all, weren’t spirits built to rise? Yes, the spirit was designed for victory.

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