The Package


There is a package on my doorstep

I know who it’s from

But I don’t want to open it

I stay locked inside

Because I know what’s waiting for me

I’ll be patient

I’ll wait a little while longer

Until I can earn its contents

It’s wrapped in red ribbon

With a note attached

The words are blood written

It has my name on it

But it doesn’t feel like mine

The God inside me is starting to rise

I am drawn to it

But I can’t accept it

It’s too generous

Too over the top a gesture

I didn’t ask for this

But I need it

I find myself with my back to the door

This old wood is ready to break off its hinges

I wait in fear

Wondering if I fall

Will I break it?

Will it be taken away?

But those are the same thoughts

That have kept me inside for so long

I turn the knob slowly

And reach for what’s been waiting for me all along

I challenge you to put yourself into the shoes of the person in this poem. What is in your package? For me it’s forgiveness. I have a hard time accepting the forgiveness of God. For you it might be healing. Shoot, it might be the promotion you’ve been praying for. Don’t count yourself out of the blessings God is happy to give you.

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