On The Hill


There go your beautiful feet running over the hills and into the valley. Your poor heels are covered in mud and tar. Haven’t you been running for far too long? When will you come home?

Feet swift as gazelles, running with all your might. Feet hitting the pavement like fists against flesh. Who exactly are you fighting again? Run, jump, hide, have become the offbeat rhythm of your life. Don’t you know someone is waiting for you back on the hills you’re running from?

Don’t you know you’ll find your strength on the hill? How much longer will you insist on running without your strength? You are growing weary and soon you will faint from all that running. Come home beautiful feet. Rest for a while before the sun goes down on your fears. Don’t you know that fears are magnified in the dark?

Come home before the sun sets. Come home before all this running takes its toll on you. There isn’t any need to run anymore. There is no shame or punishment waiting for you back on the hills.

In all your running, have you found your freedom yet? Have you outrun your past? Have you escaped your shackles? Come home and rest those tired feet. Come home and rest your fears and loneliness. You don’t have to run anymore.

Let love conquer the monsters and heal those cankers and sores.

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