It’s official! I am 23 years old! My birthday was yesterday, March 16th! Leading up to my birthday, I was able to really reflect on some things and aside from the typical birthday feelings of ‘oh my goodness, I’m getting old,’ I was able to develop a new perspective on my life. I had the opportunity to really look back on my life as far as I could remember and instead of coming back from my trip down memory lane with regrets, I came back with joy.

Previously when I’d look into my past, I’d remember all of the things I didn’t enjoy. I’d think about the times I was hurt or rejected or didn’t get the outcomes I was hoping for. These things used to jump out at me and cloud my vision. However, I think the mark of true of healing is to be able to look back with a new perspective. When I thought of my childhood, I remembered the fun times I had playing with my brother and cousin. When I thought about middle school I remembered the friendships I had with my classmates. When I thought about high school, I recalled the times my friends and I died of laughter. Thinking of college, I reminisced about how we were able to push aside the stress of exams and grades and hang out with each other like we didn’t have a care in the world.

It was the positive moments that stood out to me. I haven’t forgotten the bad times, they just aren’t the defining moments of my past anymore. They don’t overshadow all the enjoyment I’ve had. As I thought about these great moments, I began to think of all the times God really came through for me. I thought about how I was valedictorian at my high school graduation, getting into UMBC, receiving several scholarships, getting my first job on campus, scoring high the Dental Admission Test, and getting into University of Maryland’s School of Dentistry. Even still, I couldn’t help remember the something all of these moments had in common, doubt. You probably thought I was going to say faith or prayer, and while these were involved, I couldn’t help but remember how each time I doubted.

One of the benefits of having lived to see 23 is that I have outlived my doubts. I’ve now reached the point in my life where at least 6 major times, I’ve watched my doubt be defeated and my dreams come true. As I was reflecting on this, an image came to mind. In II Kings 9, we are introduced to a man named Jehu. From what we learn, it doesn’t seem like Jehu was known for much. He was a commander, but he wasn’t particularly unique or special. He was anointed in secret to be king of Israel. What people did know about Jehu, though, was that he had a particular why of driving. It was so particular that when Jehu went to find the current king of Israel, the watchman was able to identify him by how he drove.

The watchman exclaimed, “The messenger has met them, but he isn’t returning either! It must be Jehu son of Nimshi, for he’s driving like a madman.” II Kings 9:20 NLT

Some versions say he was driving furiously, some even use the word crazy! I believe Jehu was driving furiously because he was driven by faith. God had anointed him king and he was going hard after the destiny God gave him because he believed it was already his. In fact, as he was driving and the king’s messengers tried to distract him, he simply told them to fall in line. So this year, I’m driving like Jehu. I’m telling my doubt and my fears to fall in line and I’m moving forward in faith believing that what God has for me is already mine.

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