A love fierce and raging

Its depths incomprehensible

Conquering and powerful

Demanding nothing

Holding everything

Creating and healing

Penetrating and building

Planting and destroying

Unchanging and transformational

Flowing like a river

Submerging me in peace

Have you ever known love so deep?

I dip in and let it steep

I sow in suffering and let it reap

I pull up crops of joy with the morning

With the cessation of my mourning

I let love seep in like sun through my window

And lull me to sleep like the moon

Fall from the sky like mana

I’ve been yearning

Scratching and clawing

Begging and fawning

Over a love like this

I used to obsess over knowing love

Now I revel in the joy of being known

By a love so deep

One Reply to “Known”

  1. It is so important to understand love from God’s perspective. That kind of love will pick you up through every down moment. Because He doesn’t faint, it’s amazing how He is there every single time we seek Him out with a lonely/yearning heart. *Giddy feelings*

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