Hi guys! It’s me, Teauna. I’m a blogger, author, superhero enthusiast, amateur movie analyst, and a beautifully imperfect anomaly. It’s an interesting mix, but it works for me. I started this blog in 2016 as a way to share my experiences with others and help push people forward in their relationship with Christ. I hope you join me in this journey of navigating the gap between where I am and where God’s called me to be.

Likewise I, God, will comfort Zion, comfort all her mounds of ruins. I’ll transform her dead ground into Eden, her moonscape into the garden of God, a place filled with exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs.” Isaiah 51:3 MSG

Often we live in the duality of how we see ourselves and how God sees us. We see our sins, our faults, our fears, and our failures. Our circumstances and thoughts can collide to paint a picture of us that we can’t see past. All we see are our ruins, our moonscape, but God promises to transform our dead ground into Eden.

Many times I’ve found myself frustrated by what I see and what God says. However, I’ve learned to have grace for myself and understand that progress takes time, trial, and error. My hope for you is that you’ll read my words and know even if for a moment, you are not alone. You are not forgotten and God is not done with you.

Praying only the best for you,